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Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Viking Love

Some words are meant to be spoken
some words are meant to be left unsaid

History was never written in truth
and so neither shall be mine

Words of darkness shall not come in this picture I write
I would rather dedicate this to the only light in my life

I was warned of the danger the horror the fights I had to fight
but I was armed with my heart my axe and my flaming... light

She liked to keep me in darkness about her life and her world
so i took the fire and jumped into the crypt... there was no coming back

Like a falling leaf i drift in the wind into the Unknown
madness delusion pain darkness
the Unknown was that what waited for me inside

the cave was dark and filthy filled with creatures of the night
trying to keep me at bay to protect their queen
she had to stay

Beyond the dark I saw the Queen
creation of an angel, demented;
far beyond compare
kept in a cold dark lair

With the light I set a sign for my love
to light up the night i beat back the dark
I kept it at bay
but in my thoughts I could sense that the light
was keeping her away

I knew she would die in there and so would I
She waiting for her dark master and I...
she could not be reasoned with until she was free
so I burn out the flame and let the dark evils come at me.

I slaughter everything coming my way as they pounced on me
I slashed and killed the creatures that came to me
no eyes to see but nose to smell there were hundreds or more
coming on and on

as they bled I became bolder
as they feared my pride grew stronger I would not leave without her
for they had no God so they had nobody to pray to as i took away their existence
I killed until I saw none alive except my prize,the queen.

with the blood dripping axe and
blood on my face I look upon hers

with a knife,I cut her out of her bonds
she picked up the torch which I had put out
and she lit it up,and then
she came back and put the bonds back on

come with me I asked, confused

she refused "let me be where I am" she said "I am very fond
I shall stay here forever if needed but, I will"
she said "I will light up your torch"

she lit up the torch her face pale white as the moon outside
is she scared I asked myself
why would she be? did I not just save her from her bonds

she asked me to come closer and
i was face to face with the creation of some demented angel
beauty uncompared to any living creature on earth

I looked into her blue eyes
filled with not with pain or sorrow
they showed sadness and compassion, for me!

closer she said
I was shaking like a maniac from the inside of course
never had I come close a yin
such an angel made of sin

I could now smell her sending a shiver down my spine
her lips such symmetry could only be done by a skilled artist
she leaned forward touched my face with hers
she caressed her face upon mine and pulled back

her milky white skin turned red
the blood dripping from my face
dripping from her now

with a heart breaking sad smile she asked me to turn around.

I turned as commanded all i saw was the massacre I had done
blood and severed heads all around

but I did not care
I came to hell to take her away
to save her from the madness
a bit of blood shouldn't concern her

after all she had been imprisoned here long enough
to see too much she should not have had to

she told me everyone you killed tonight in this crypt
would have been alive if you hadn't come for me

I could only gaze at her in shock
did I not come here because you needed to be saved
to be rescued?

and one look at you
made me realize that I am not living this pitiful place without you.

I have fallen in love with you
and if I have killed for love
for you why do you u say nay?

because I am made for someone else
you have desecrated his home his family
the one you call my dark master is my love
and I shall not leave him even if I never see him again

blood raging in through my veins
heart pounding like a wild beast
my brain shut down

I tear off her bonds n dragged her down
to the path of light

she screamed and she begged for me to let her go
my mind was on a high rush

she punched and kicked while I carried her out
just before we would reach the light she said

know this,if you want my body you have taken it by force
if you desire my heart then it shall always remain in that pit.
it shall burn down like that torch you carry
only this time I will not be the one lighting it.

just before the light touched our skin
she took out a knife
put it through my chest

she thought killing me would save her love as I had killed so many
to reach for mine.

the blade never reached my heart...
so I tell the story of the flame that changed my life

as I let her go and watch her walk gracefully back
into the pit I understand her actions

Her knife to my chest was her breaking my heart.