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Monday, June 3, 2013

Veritas Aequitas

Disappointment depression
Survival is not the answer
Living in superiority
With power
With pain

Glory is overrated
Creation is overrated
Destruction brings us joy

Thunder and lightings scare children
Still they are a beauty to the beholder
But they bring death to whoever whenever

Beauty kills the lover
The beast saves the beauty
And yet the beast is the evil that kills

We do not have compassion
We show it out of necessity
We are drawn to death and yet we cringe from the sight of birth

Flocks of mob swarm like bees when they see a Veritas monk set himself on fire – for peace.

Denial and lies are the virtues to live by in this corrupt unjust world
Words of Gandhi and Martin Luther may live on
But their ideals are dead
And soon will their words too shall die in the grounds just where they were shot - not in cold blood

This inhumane cold humanity is a show
Entertainment for the rich and battles for the poor

Power claims the corrupt
Justice claims the poor, the sick, the weak

“And judgment is turned away backward and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.”


  1. Violence, chaos is such an important part of survival that it does in fact a hold a morbid attraction for all of us. But glory, creation is not overrated. When power claiming the corrupt becomes the regular affair of the world, glory, creation and act of compassion becomes something that just might inspire us. :) Just saying.

    The last 2 lines of this poem is the best.

  2. Creation is overrated because once we create something that can change the world...we stop and back track because its in our nature.we are something beautiful it stays on in your mind nut when that is destroyed it stays in your mind a lot longer than the creation.