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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Advantages of Solar Energy

Source - Advantages of Solar Energy | The Best Things You Can Get Solar energy, an alternative and renewable source of energy, has been proposed by many as a great source of energy. Although it is not widely used today, solar energy has a great potential for the future use of the people. There are several ways to harness solar energy. The use of solar panels or photovoltaic cell is the most common way to acquire the much needed solar energy. They are very efficient in generating a clean and renewable source of electricity. Solar panels gather and directly convert the sun’s energy into electricity. During daylight, the solar voltaic cells which are arranged on a grid like pattern on the solar panel’s surface collect the sunlight and turn it into electricity. Another way to harness solar energy is by using solar thermal energy. This is commonly used for heating homes, providing hot water, heating swimming pools, and space heating. Usually, space and hot water heaters use a storage tank to store the heated water while pool heaters recycle the water by using collectors which heat the water and return it to the pool. The other way to harness solar energy is through passive solar. The example of it is by opening your windows or curtains in the morning to let the sunlight in. Passive solar includes the design of a building that has a good thermal mass such as specific kinds of materials that can store the sun’s energy for future use. Basically the advantages of solar energy are numerous, is something to think about so that you can save cash and also the environment. The Advantages of Solar Energy Although solar energy has its disadvantages, these will surely be covered by its advantages as further researches are done to bring the use of solar energy into a higher level. Here are some of the advantages of solar energy. • Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. Though we cannot harness it during night time or on cloudy days, we can still rely on its availability day after day. • Solar energy costs nothing. The energy from the sun is free so after giving up a little bit of money, the source of energy is practically free. • Solar cells do not require much maintenance once these are brought up to their maximum efficiency. • Solar cells are quiet collectors. They produce no noise unlike any other energy sources. • Solar panels are very reliable. With parts fixed and not moving, these can last longer than any other energy source. Advantages of Solar Energy | Benefits of Solar Energy Together with its advantages, here are some of the benefits of solar energy. • Solar energy is clean. It does not produce pollution at all. Solar power plants emit zero pollution and does not cause harm to the environment. • The initial investment on the equipment is expensive but once it is brought to its maximum efficiency, you will not need to worry about bills. You will find it lesser or even totally free. • Because of the improvements in the solar energy technology, the cost of it is getting cheaper, making it more acceptable to be utilized as one of the most commonly used energy sources. Indeed, there are plenty of benefits and advantages of solar energy that you can expect, aside from being cost effective this is also very friendly to our environment.