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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Society 2

The society has become sick.parents, teachers, hypocrites, politicians, rules,EVERYTHING has been has become too narrow minded.children have been warned not to talk to strangers!is this what we're living for?don't talk to people you don't know?everyone is a stranger in this world mom n dad!we are not imparted with knowledge anymore.all that we learn are rules and guidelines.we do not learn to use our own head and bare hands to survive,we learn how to trick and fool people.we learn how to cheat on life.

I mean FUCK PEOPLE!what the fuck is wrong with us?What happened to anything that was original? Yes, the root of any originality comes from an influence. But that influence is meant to create not copy and paste!has music become that hard to be an original thing in a little over 20 years? Pictures losing their art and is being taken over by lust and frustration rather than love and possibilities.Photos that we consider a work of art today always have a hint of despair and sorrow.I used to believe in magic until Friday night TV ruined it. Was it unacceptable for me to believe in something that my eyes and logic could not comprehend? When will we be satisfied? If man had found God what would he do? Would he allow himself to believe or would he put God on a table in a medical room and dissect him?

Art in its own way is telling us that the world is dying.

Society 1

I was born in the 90's. it was a weird era. People had no clue about anything anymore.the promising 60's and the radical 70's had ended with a warning that foresaw the end of positive thinking and free living. the 80's came in with a force of destroyed the hippies and the love generation, with its trash and metal culture, killing rock n roll, urging people not to feel love anymore and shut yourselves in.and by the time the 90's came everything had been divided and broken into what i can only refer to as "khichdi".

The hippies had been reduced to potheads about whom you read in books as a kid and meant not to idolize.freedom of expression had lost its magic.the schools became like prisons, trying to hide the failures of the teachers.why else would a parent in this era not know why children don't like going to schools? what happens when that little kid from the 90's grows up and starts to think?a man raised by women and surrounded by weak womanly-men?when the free thinking boy turns into a man and sees the radical change that has taken over the earth like a drug?

what do you do when all that you need is nothing but all the luxuries have become a necessity?what can you do other than join the herd and live a predetermined life and force yourself to believe that you are not a part of the herd?