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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I am what I am

I can tell her by the way she walks
I can tell when you want more
I can tell when i am hated
I can tell that you don't know that you are too...

I can make an army stop in their tracks
I can call upon the destruction of man kind
I can tear down the wall in your head
I can change the course of nature

I know God by his first name
I know languages of the other world
I know her smell from miles away
I know how to kill without causing pain

I can make myself invisible
I can become gigantic
I can summon the dead
I can... i can... i am just a fool

I am what I am

Saturday, April 3, 2010

THE OPENING OF THE TRUNK (he enters stage)

Blood boots. Killer storm.
Fool's gold. God in a heaven.
Where is she?
Have you seen her?
Has anyone seen this girl?
snap shot (projected)
She's my sister.
Ladies & gentlemen:
please attend carefully to these words & events
It's your last chance, our last hope.
In this womb or tomb, we're free of the swarming streets.
The black fever which rages is safely out those doors
My friends & I come from
Far Arden w/ dances, &
new music
Everywhere followers accrue
to our procession.
Tales of Kings, gods, warriors
and lovers dangled like
jewels for your careless pleasure

I'm Me!
Can you dig it.
My meat is real.
My hands--how they move
balanced like lithe demons
My hair--so twined and writhing
The skin of my face--pinch the cheeks
My flaming sword tongue
spraying verbal fire-flys
I'm real.
I'm human
But I'm not an ordinary man
No No No

-Jim Morrison

Mad as a hatter

NORTH: Many years - I was Sultan of Bello for a long period, until dethroned by an act of the grossest injustice ; but I intend to expose the traitorous conspirators to the indignation of an outraged world.

TICKLER (aside to SHEPHERD.): He's raving.

SHEPHERD (to TICKLER.): Dementit.

ODOHERTY (to both.): Mad as a hatter. Hand me a segar.